SE JW-18, NORD JW-18, NORD W-18, FIN W-19, HELSINKI W-19, NORDIC SHOW CH, NORD UCH, SE UCH, DK UCH, FI UCH, NO UCH Skallbjörnens Goliat Lejonhjärta, born September 22, 2017

Bred by Laila Strömberg.

Goliat was special from the day he was born and my eyes couldn’t leave him. As I couldn’t resist him, and having four dogs at home, I placed him on breeding terms with a very nice family. When Goliat was 7 months, the family had to give him up, and Goliat was placed with my daughter, Agnes, and I started to show him more frequently.

From the very first show, when he was 6 months, he was a winner, becoming BOB, group winner and Best In Show!

Since the age of 9 months Goliat is permanently living with me and immediately found his place in my pack with Zmilla, Nox and Ciara. He is a joy to have in my house, always happy, has not a bad bone in his body and nothing faces him, being very self-assured. When he was 18 months he was mental-tested with the Swedish scheme BPH (Behaviour and Personality Assesment) and I was so pleased to see how he solved all the tasks given.

Goliat is the kindest and happiest boy and always willing to show his love! He is always choosing joy and playing, but that was life is about, isn’t it?!

I have never had a dog that is so positive, willing to please and gracious, which he also shows in the ring. He loves to show off in the ring and always doing his best for me, even after hours of waiting before entering the groups. We can rest at home, he says …

He loves all sort of training and we have tried agility, tracking and Nose Work, but we are not competing … yet!

He loves running loose in the forest, which we are able to do every day, living close. As he is very obedient and I can have him off the lead in the forest without worrying about him running away after wild stock. Many have asked me how he can be so fit, and this is the answer. No exercise can beat running and jumping over fallen trees and uneven ground. It also gives me a good training!

To be able to live with Goliat makes my life to a pleasure, sharing his positive energy with me.

Are you interested in Goliat in your breeding programme?

First of all, we are very restrictive about letting Goliat be used as we are very careful with his bloodlines. Especially important for us is that none of his offspring should be over-used.

Goliat is now 6 years old and has been healthy and vital all his life.

His influence on his puppies is very strong. Not only with his super construction and amazing movements, but also with his kind and friendly attitude.

So far Goliat has sired 12 litters. There has been ridgeless, ridge faults, sinus, hernias and one kink tail. No excessive white.

Unfortunately, one of his puppies has been diagnosed with OCD.

Also, to be considered: Goliat’s dam was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 6.5 years. The recommendation from the Swedish Specialty Club (SRRS) and from the Swedish Kennel Club is not to exclude the offspring from breeding, but he/she should not be mated to a bitch/male with the same type of cancer in the bloodlines.

Goliat’s puppies are still young and too soon to be evaluated, but so far, all the puppies have been healthy.

One of his daughters is currently the top winning Ridgeback in Sweden.

Here are some statistics regarding AD/ED for his litters in Sweden.





Goliat’s sire:
Goliat’s dam:


Goliat’s show career started when only 6 months was left of the show season. Despite that he was Top Winning Ridgeback Male in Sweden gaining six Swedish CAC, two Nordic CAC, one Norwegian CAC and three winner-titles. All the shows he entered were judged by different judges.

His winning strike continued in 2019. This year he became Swedish champion on the first try in Sundsvall, three weeks after his birthday, which means that Goliat got 22 CAC and he also became: Norwegian, Finnish and Nordic Champion at the same time! Then he became: Dannish Champion, Nordic Show Champion, FI Winner 2019, Helsinki Winner 2019 and at least, for the second time but now Top Winning Ridgeback in Sweden!
Extremeley proud that he also was winning the group several times and being placed in Best In Show. He is currently no. 23 on the Swedish Kennel Club’s list for best exhibited dog all breeds (228 breeds).
2019 is a show year I will never forget!
In total during 2018 and 2019 Goliat has
22 Swedish CAC, 2 Finnish CAC, 1 Danish CAC, 1 Norwegian CAC, Breed record holding male.
6 Nordic CAC
16 BOB
8 group-placings
2 Best In Show-placings
1 Second in Best In Show Junior
Nordic Show Champion
Helsinki Winner-19
Finnish Winner-19



During these years Goliat was only shown three times due to the pandemic. He got excellent and was placed in champion class.


During this year Goliat was only shown 4 times, as we focused on showing Elza and Zally.
But his showing resulted in one Group-1 placement.


During 2023 Goliat was shown 6 times with nice placements. Three times he was BOS to his daughter


Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0

Correct bite, full dentation

Height: 66 cm
Weight: 46 kg

BPH genomförd 30 april 2019 Bro-Håbo, beskrivare Jenny Linderoth

Ridge R/r

Laboklin test results:
Degenerative Myelopathy, DM: N/N (no carrier)
Hemophilia B: N/N (no carrier)
Juvenile Myoclonic JME: N/N (no carrier)
D-locus: D/D (no carrier of blue dilute)
B-locus: B/B (no carrier of liver)

International certificate:
LTV 0 = normal
Spondylos 0 = free
VA 0 = normal

Born 5th of January 2020, 3 males and 8 females
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14 puppies where born June 2, 2021. Unfortunately 4 puppies where still born. All puppies with long beautiful ridges, no sinus detected.
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14 march  2023. Adoreas Ridged O-litter is here! 1 boy and 5 girls! 💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And this time we welcome Adoreas very first ridgeless puppy! One girl was born without the caracteristic ridge on her back! She will be special!

6 boys and 5 girls were born 21st of May, 2023
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2 males ( 1 ridgeless) and 5 bitches (2 ridgeless) born 7th of June, 2023


SE JW-18, NORD JW-18, NORD W-18, FIN W-19, HELSINKI W-19,
Skallbjörnens Goliat Lejonhjärta, top Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog in 2018 and 2019